Vedam Facilities

• Cuisine Carnival - The Restaurant
Food is not just for survival. Food is aphrodisiac. We have deliberately kept a keen eye on the food that we put on your plate. Only the best of taste is what we promise to deliver. We source nothing but the finest of raw materials from the most reliable resources, which undergo several layers of quality check before we procure. Our Chef is a most accomplished connoisseur of food, . Our spread includes authentic and scrumptious Bengali, Chinese and Continental fares.
• Southing Souls. Energizing Bodies - The Spa
In today’s world of speed and constant contest, the rush for perfection can leave you drained, fatigued and stressed.. That is when the body and soul seeks escape, yearns for something that nourishes both the physical and the spiritual. Vedam’s spa is the ultimate repose, the culminating destination for the wearied being. Our spa offerings follow Kerala wellness route, steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda. Each one of our specialists are no less than artists who have years of experience in soothing the tired body and soul. The mystic ambience of the spa enclosure adds to the wellness quotient, making the Vedam experience quite exhilarating.
• Enchanting Waters. -The Swimming Pool

There is nothing more comforting than soaking into clear, clean water; feeling the soft ripples around you; wrapping yourself into the embrace of nature’s greatest gift…That’s our pool. Our pool has been meticulously designed to enhance the feeling of leisure. Eye-soothing and functional, the pool makes for a major element of attraction for our occupants. Round-the-clock cleaning, hygienic ambience and contemporary leisure amenities like sun-bathing chairs, make our pool one of the most-frequented space of the facility. Dive into the cool waters or laze around in our relaxing beach chairs, Vedam’s poolside is as enticing as it gets.
• Ripples of Respite. - The Jacuzzi
Imagine lying under open sky in a small enclosure brimming with the force of warm jetted water that gently massages you! Sounds wonderful? You have to experience our Jacuzzi to believe it! Spend an alone time, sipping into cool, delicious beverages or laze in with your family, Vadem’s Jacuzzi gives you the best therapeutic hydromassage available!
• Fog of Freshness. - The Steam Bath
Adding on to the array of relaxation conveniences, is our lucrative steam bath unit. Nothing is more cathartic than a room full of steam specially regulated to keep you hydrated and refreshed at the same time. Ours is a unit that is controlled and monitored with precision to provide utmost respite from physical exhaustion.
• Recreation. Of body and mind - Indoor and Outdoor Games
Vedam is not just about luxurious stay, lip-smacking fares and unbelievable relaxation amenities. We also provide you with recreational privileges in the form of most-loved indoor and outdoor games. Play carom or table tennis, give your best shot at pool table or sweat it out at the lawn tennis ground or basket a ball. We spoil you for choices. But our pride-of-place is the life-sized chess board spread across our lawn! You have to pick the pawns and walk them to their places, literally. Now, that is fun!
• House of Letters. - The Library
Intellectual stimulation is also a major part of the Vedam experience. We have a library that houses books in various languages and genre. Pick up a read of your choice, place yourself in the comfortable chair of the library and immerse in the world of letters!
• Fitness – a way of life. - The Gymnasium
Once a fitness enthusiast, always a fitness enthusiast! We know how important it is for you to keep yourself healthy and strong. Hence we have the finest trainers and best of the equipment right here at Vedam for you. Run on the treadmill or pick up the weights, you will get all you want to keep you in shape! So get your gymming attire, we will provide you the gears!
• Spiritual Sphere. - The Meditation Room
A quiet, mystic space. Soothing, yogic music. Seclusion that is never broken…Our meditation room is perfect for gathering your thoughts and being one with your inner self. All you need to carry with you are your thoughts. We provide you with an ambience that is ideal for the art of healing.
• Professional Perfection. - The Conference Room
Rustic setting interspersed with modern day conveniences make Vedam an ideal off-site choice for corporates. Luxurious stay, delectable food, multiple recreational facilities are complete delight for enterprises. Add to it state-of-art conference facility complete with projector, sound system, buffet eating options and accommodation for 200 heads! What more do you need to make your employee engagement a grand success!
• Hand in hand. Forever - The Wedding Space -
There comes a time in our lives when we want to pour our heart and soul to someone we want to cherish for the rest of our lives. We imagine our special day to be simply out-of-the-world, to be grand in every way possible, to be a fairy tale that resonates throughout our lives. At Vedam, we offer just that. The synthesis of old and new in our setting creates a dreamlike atmosphere that is apt for making pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding memories. Couple with that delectable eating options, open stage for dance performances, pool area for parties, barbeque for evening events, spa and gym facilities for your guests and luxurious living spaces – your wedding cannot get any better!
• A walk through the trees. - The Skywalk
What makes us stand out from other stay facilities? Everything. But what is supremely unique to us is an adventurous skywalk in our backyard, amidst a thick mango orchard! The meandering walk fashioned after hanging bridges, gives you an aerial view of the orchard all across. Not only that, we have a waterfall built within the orchard to enrich your experience of the skywalk! Take a stroll on the hanging walk, soak in the natural beauty, and enjoy the cascading waters. What more? You can sip on to hot cup of coffee or tea of your choice right after the stroll, at the bed of the skywalk! And that too in a log hut!
• Plethora of Conveniences. - The Compound
Our facility is adorned with beautiful and meticulously chosen artefacts gathered from all across the country. Well-manicured open lawns, barbeque area, sitting area in the midst of water enclosure, open-air elevated stage for performances and lilting channel music are what we boast of. Besides,our entire facility is a complete wi-fi zone.
And many more…
At Vedam we understand the importance of your entourage. Hence we have separate stay facility for your staff / drivers. In addition we provide safe parking areas for your vehicles. Apart from infrastructural assistance, we also offer option for entertainment facility like authentic local tribal dance performances.
Our Assistance for Pick up & Drop Facilities -

Vedam lays at the outskirts of the erstwhile Portuguese bastion of Chunchura, just 60 km away from the city of Kolkata. An hour and half by car from the peripheries of Kolkata, the drive via old Delhi road is quite pleasant.

In addition, the HOOGHLY railway station is just 3km away from Vedam, in case you want to travel on the track. And if you do not want to travel by either of these.We provide free pick-up and drop facilities for your conveniences from local locations - 1) Hooghly Station and 2) Sugandha more.

Also, we have paid pick-up and drop facilities for your conveniences at 3-major and crucial locations in Kolkata -
  • 1) Kolkata Airport
  • 2) Karunamoyee at Salt Lake and
  • 3) Esplanade